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White Gradient

Daniel Marquel Williams, aka Marquel, and was born in raised in the DMV area specifically Bowie, MD. He was influenced at an early age by a variety of sounds and artist such as Frank Ocean, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Drake, Ariana Grande and new artists such as Jaden smith Khalid and Billie Ellish. Marquel used music as a muse to channel his sporadic energy and dark thoughts. 


Growing up, Marquel suffered from mental health issues such as intense anxiety and sleep paralysis where he’d see disfigured “demons” or dark figures threaten his life. He used these unique experiences to channel a deep spiritual connection with his faith and music and profound love for the people around the world who faced all forms of suffering. 


He combines a multitude of genres with an emotional sound to deliver a brand new experience  introspection, color and energy to his supporters. Marquel’s goal is to allow his music to be a reflection of the love and suffering we create and experience in all our stories. Creating a temporary escape from isolation for all those who feel alone, He hopes to express the work God is doing through him by his walk and sharing his divine gifts with the world.